Creative Developments was founded in 2008 by Tim, he wanted to create a building company in Nailsea that delivered projects to exacting standards with a great eye for detail and finishing. This, in his mind, would ensure business growth through repeat business and reputations within the industry.

The key to this was to set out to achieve exemplary standards of workmanship, project management and above all customer service challenging the more commonly held perception of building companies within the domestic and commercial markets.

The Team

Tim Williams – Managing Director & Founder

David Bailey – Operations Manager

Teresa Giles  – Office Manager

Stuart Biggs – Site Foreman

Chris Humphries –  Site Operative

Luke Jones –  Site Operative

Jason Coles –  Site Operative

Jordan Coles –  Site Operative

Sub contracting Bricklayers GOMM Construction

Sub Contracting Prescott Plastering

Sub Contracting  MI Decorating

Creative Developments work alongside various approved accreditation partners to ensure peace of mind for its customers. This ensures that all projects, either domestic or commercial can be delivered to current design and construction standards

How we view our business relationships with our customers.

Good sound advice against specifications and construction drawings, and above all good communication is what all of our customers expect and require. Our mission statement and intent is as below: –

“We believe that the knowledge, skills and the motivation of our personnel, forms

the backbone of the service we provide. Although perfection may not always be

possible, we are totally committed to equalling or exceeding industry standards

within the domestic and commercial building industry”

Our estimation department put the same emphasis on smaller domestic projects or larger commercial renders. These will be dealt efficiently and competitively, returned to tight deadline dates to our customers via email. Larger projects needing design and planning can take a little longer but will be responded to with the same manner.

Creative Developments will manage every aspect of the project regardless of the size.

We will organise material ordering, resource planning to site recycling. We will do our best to plan and compose a schedule of works, issue programme of works and schedule project meetings thus ensuring our customers up dated on a regular basis prior to the work commencing and whilst the project is ongoing.

Health & Safety

A primary concern of Creative Developments is to create a safe place of work and a safe working environment for all its employees and sub-contractors. We endeavour to protect employee safety and that of all others such as contractors, visitors or anyone who may be affected by the operations of our company.

1) Provide a safe place of work.

2) Provide safe systems of work.

3) Provide safe plant and machinery.

4) Provide knowledge and training to its staff.

It is our policy to ensure that each employee accepts their legal and moral responsibilities with regard to upholding safety issues in the workplace.